If you're looking for pens to use that won't smudge or bleed though the interior pages – please check out our list below!

For Vow Book sets as well as Guest Books with LINED or WHITE Interior Pages:

-Fine Tip Pens (Black): amzn.to/2SOEsHW
-Fine Tip Pens (Color): amzn.to/3xIqJpk
-Fine Tip Pens (Darker Color): amzn.to/3ejfNqR
-Ultra Fine Tip Pens (Black): amzn.to/2uNaL2j
-Ultra Fine Tip Pens (Color): amzn.to/2SBVgTQ


For Guest Books with BLACK Interior Pages:

-Fine Tip Sharpies (Metallic): amzn.to/2T1Gzsm

NOTE: Please pay careful attention to the category. The pens in the 'Lined & White Interior Pages' category may not show up on black pages, and the pens in the 'Black Interior Pages' category may bleed through the lined and white pages.


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