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Article: Why Do I Need A Vacation Rental Guest Book?

Why Do I Need A Vacation Rental Guest Book?
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Why Do I Need A Vacation Rental Guest Book?

It’s becoming more common for vacation homes to have guest books to welcome visitors. Just as hotels have big binders full of information about the building, amenities, and local attractions, owners of vacation rentals are now doing the same. At Luna Paper Co., we put a different spin on the traditional vacation home guest book by giving your guests a chance to sign in and share their thoughts, suggestions, and kind words too. Consider your Luna Paper Co. guest book the opportunity to have a conversation with your visitors—the old-fashioned kind, with pen and paper.

Here’s why vacation home owners are choosing to use our guest books in their properties.

Keeping Must-Know Information All in One Place

There’s a lot you need to share with your vacation home guests—the wifi password, check-in procedures, house rules, your contact information in case of an emergency. Your vacation rental guest book is your guests’ go-to resource for answering all the questions they might have about your property. Keeping this information in a physical book is much easier for your visitors than making them search their phone for emails, and a beautiful Luna Paper Co. guest book won’t get lost in the shuffle like a brochure or sheet of paper.


Our vacation rental welcome books make a statement with their soft-touch hardcovers and inspired designs; writing a warm, welcoming message to visitors by hand in a guest book sets you apart from other vacation home owners, adding a more personal touch.

Sharing the Best Local Attractions

Your guests undoubtedly know about the major attractions in the area—after all, that’s probably why they’re visiting!—but your vacation rental welcome book gives you the opportunity to share those off-the-beaten path destinations that make a getaway truly memorable. The best beach for collecting seashells, a hike through the forest that ends with a waterfall in the woods, the local restaurant where kids get a free scoop of ice cream after their meal—these are the little bits of insider knowledge that guests love to learn about.

Luna Paper Co. vacation home guest books are designed with versatility in mind. Share some words about your favorite local attractions, then attach a snapshot of each destination onto the page for the look of a scrapbook.

Letting Visitors Leave Their Mark

Instead of having your guest book be a one-way communication from you to your guests, we like the idea of allowing your guests to share their thoughts about their visit or leave their own tips for the next visitor who stays at your property. Our guest books have plenty of blank pages for guests to sign in and make their mark. 

Once your vacation home guest book is filled up, you’ll have your own keepsake to help you remember all the people you’ve welcomed to your home over the years. Ask them to leave their email addresses in the book and you’ve also got yourself a marketing list to share upcoming vacancies and discounts.

Learn More About Vacation Home Guest Books

You can browse our selection of vacation rental guest books on our website and create one customized for your property. Have any questions? Drop us a line and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.