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Article: How to Set up Your Wedding Guest Book Table

How to Set up Your Wedding Guest Book Table
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How to Set up Your Wedding Guest Book Table

Once you’ve picked out the perfect guest book for your wedding, your next step is to set up your wedding guest book table. Luckily, this is one of the more fun tasks when it comes to planning a wedding because it’s low pressure and allows you to exercise some creativity! Here are some of our favorite ideas for setting up a wedding guest book table.

Start with the Wedding Guest Book and Pens

Still need some wedding guest book ideas? We recommend choosing a personalized wedding guest book that speaks to your personality and complements the colors and decor you’re using for your ceremony and reception. This will help ensure that your wedding guest book table looks cohesive and polished, not haphazard and low budget. 

Invest in some high quality pens rather than dumping a bag of cheap ballpoints onto the table. Silver, gold, and rose gold gel pens look fabulous on black paper. Whatever pens you buy, make sure you get a lot of them—your guests may absent-mindedly walk away with them!

Give Your Wedding Guest Book Table Some Personality

A guest book and pens aren’t enough to attract attention. Make your guest book table interactive—add photographs for guests to peruse, eye-grabbing decorations or floral displays, or even your seating guide for the reception. A Polaroid camera is a fun addition, too. Ask your guests to take an old school selfie so they can tape it alongside their message to you in your guest book.

Make Your Card or Gift Table Do Double-Duty

Another way to make sure no one misses your wedding guest book is to place it on your card or gift table. When guests stop over to drop off their card or gift, they’ll spot your guest book and be more likely to sign it. This also simplifies things for you—instead of having to put together a guest book table and a gift table, you only need to worry about one!

Create a Clever Sign

From afar, it’s unlikely that anyone will notice a book sitting on a table in the corner of the room, so we recommend a big sign that asks your guests to sign the guest book. Find a chalkboard artist to create a custom sign just for you, write your message on a mirror or barn wood, or peruse Etsy for ideas. 

Entice Your Guests with Food

No one can turn down a tasty treat! You don’t want to spoil any appetites, but a wedding guest book table is the perfect place to set up a display of chocolate truffles, macarons, or petit fours. When your guests visit the table to graze, they’ll see your guest book and leave you their wishes and kind words.

Do Away with the Table

Who says your wedding guest book table needs to be a table at all? We’ve seen couples get creative with vintage desks and other furniture to make an unforgettable statement. Look for free or inexpensive pieces on Craigslist, local Facebook groups, or garage sales—just make sure your venue will allow you to bring your own furniture for this purpose!

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