5 Fun Ideas to Encourage Wedding Guests to Sign Your Guest Book

When you’re planning a wedding, choosing a wedding guest book is the easy part. Getting people to sign the guest book? Well, that’s a little bit harder! Some people won’t notice that the guest book is there because they’re having so much fun; others might not want to wait in line to sign it, then forget about it later. Still others might feel a bit timid when it comes to putting pen to paper and sharing their thoughts. Whatever the reason, many guests need a little coaxing, and that’s where these tips come in. Here are some fun ideas to encourage wedding guests to sign the guest book.

Put the Wedding Guest Book Front and Center

They will sign it if they see it—or, at least they’re more likely to! Increase the likelihood of people coming by to sign the guest book before proceeding to their tables or mingling with other guests by positioning the book on a table near the entrance to the reception. No one will be able to miss it when they have to walk by it every time they go in or out of the room.

Make It Stand Out

Placing wedding guest books near the entrance helps draw attention to them, but you can get even more eyes on your book if you make the table stand out from the rest of the banquet tables in the room. Decorate the table with a draped tablecloth and a stunning flower arrangement, photos of the happy couple in elegant frames, or shiny, iridescent balloons—anything that will catch someone's eye.

Create a Decorative Sign

Purchase a decorative sign online to set at the guest book table or if you’re crafty, make your own using beautiful hand lettering or your favorite graphic design program. Keep your messaging to the point with something straightforward like, “Please sign our guest book,” or get creative with something like, “Leave your wishes for the new Mr. and Mrs.”

Use a Prompt

Even with the “please sign guest book” wording on a sign, you might still have some guests who don’t quite know what to say. Giving guests a prompt instead of leaving it open-ended can help make it easier. Consider asking guests to share their wisdom, with suggestions on how to have a happy marriage. Another idea is to write the prompt “Love is…” on each page and have guests complete the thought, whether it’s humorous or heartfelt.

Ask for Help

Enlist a friend or family member to hang out at (or near) the guest book table to encourage people to sign it. It’s the perfect role for an outgoing sibling or your aunt who likes to chat with everyone as they walk through the door. It’s hard to say no to someone who’s standing right in front of you, so this is a surefire way to get all of your wedding guests to leave a message!

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