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Article: Do I Need to Memorize My Wedding Vows?

Vow Book, From This Day Forward

Do I Need to Memorize My Wedding Vows?

Between selecting linens, choosing styles and foil colors for your wedding guest book, and finalizing your menu, the weeks leading up to your wedding can feel overwhelming. So be sure to schedule some time to decide how you want to deliver your wedding vows. After all, these are the promises you will make to your partner, and in front of loved ones. 

Choose How You’ll Say Your Vows

Depending upon your personal preference, you may opt to either repeat vows after your officiant, or write and speak your own vows. There is no right or wrong way to proclaim your commitment to your partner. If the thought of having to write your own vows feels intimidating, there is nothing wrong with reciting the vows your officiant guides you through. If you choose this route, you won’t need to worry about memorization.  (Just be careful to listen carefully when it's your turn to repeat the vows. With emotions running high, it can be easy to lose focus, so be sure to listen carefully!).

Alternatively,  if you want to write your own vows, without having to memorize them, consider a custom vow book for you and your spouse. 

Custom Wedding Vow Books

If you want to write your own vows, but feel insecure about reciting them without a little help, opt for a custom vow book.  Available in a variety of typefaces and colors, and tailor-made for you and your partner, vow books are the perfect accessory to allow you to say your own vows, without struggling to memorize them.  

Designed to perfectly match your wedding colors, elegant but understated vow books will enable you to flawlessly deliver your vows, without distracting from the event. Better yet, your vow book will immortalize your vows in a gorgeous keepsake that can be passed on through generations. 

Tips for Memorizing Vows You Write

If you do choose to memorize your vows, the following tips can help to ensure that when it’s your time to share your promises, you feel comfortable. 

  • Give Yourself Plenty of Time
  • With all the planning on your plate, you’ll feel much more relaxed about saying your vows, if you’ve had time to get comfortable with them. So aim to write them several weeks before your wedding. This will allow you time to revise, and practice reciting them. 

  • Write Them In a Conversational Tone
  • Many people write more formally than they speak. But trying to speak formally when you’re in the spotlight may cause additional stress.  Aim to write your vows in a conversational tone. This doesn’t mean you should skimp on heartfelt emotions, but shy away from using words you don’t normally use, as it can make you feel awkward or unnatural.

  • Practice Saying Your Vows Aloud
  • If you’re planning to recite your vows from memory, you should plan to practice saying them aloud over and over. Reading them regularly will help, but you need to actually say them outloud to get used to them, and to feel comfortable in what you’re saying.  By stating your vows aloud to yourself, or a trusted friend, you’ll also be able to revise any sections that may cause you to stumble (such as tongue twisters, or especially long promises). 

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