5 Things to Include in Your Wedding Vow Books

In a previous blog post, we shared what you should include when writing your wedding vows, but today, let’s talk about the nuts and bolts of the vows: where you write them! Most of us have been to a wedding where the groom pulls out a folded piece of notebook paper from his suit where he’s written his vows, and while the words are certainly cherished, a crumpled sheet of paper isn’t exactly an heirloom item like a wedding vow book. 

At Luna Paper Co., we create tasteful, hand-crafted wedding vow books that are customized to your specifications. The beautiful thing about personalized wedding vow books is that you can include whatever you want in them, but if you’re looking for ideas, here are a few of our favorites.

The Important Information

When designing your wedding vow books, we recommend including the who, what, and when—your names, the date of your ceremony, and “Vows,” “Our Vows,” or “His Vows” and “Her Vows.” 

Just because they’re called vow books doesn’t mean you can’t switch things up and use a different word, though—promises or commitments are possibilities too. If you like (and have room), you can also include the location of your wedding.

Colors, Graphics, and Typefaces

When you choose to purchase your vow books from Luna Paper Co., you’ll get to select a designer color that matches or coordinates with your wedding theme, a lovely typeface, and even the option of graphic elements, like our popular Secret Garden vow books, which feature a lush floral motif. 

Notes, Messages, and Drafts

Now that you’ve designed your wedding vow books and have them in hand, it’s time to put them to use. Many couples are under the impression that they should only write the finished version of their vows in their vow books, but why not use all the pages in your vow book by adding a personal message to your partner on your wedding day, jotting notes as you think about what you want to say in your vows, or putting your first draft in the book?

Your vow books aren’t just a memento of a special day, but also a symbol of your love and commitment to each other. Their contents don’t have to be limited to the vows you read aloud to each other during your ceremony! Song lyrics, poems, or inside jokes the two of you share are all great additions to wedding vow books.

Drawings and Photos

Perhaps you’re not much of a writer and communicate better with visuals. Add photos of some of your favorite moments together to complement your vows or even doodle in the margins—it’s your vow book after all, why not?! 


Here’s a unique idea that we’d love to see more often! Take some petals and flowers off of your bouquet and press them, then when they’re dried, use them to decorate the pages of your vow books. If you’re preserving your bridal bouquet, grab some flowers from bridesmaids or your wedding decor.

Order Custom Wedding Vow Books from Luna Paper Co.

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