How to Plan a Micro Wedding During COVID

Planning a wedding is a time full of excitement and stress in normal times, but during the COVID-19 pandemic, much of the excitement has been removed and instead it’s all stress. Should you wait until the pandemic is over for your wedding? But who even knows when that will be? Should you just get married at the courthouse? But that’s not how you want to celebrate your special day. 

One solution that many couples have been embracing is the micro wedding, which involves a scaled-down celebration with only a handful of guests. While in the early days of the pandemic, such an occasion may have been unthinkable, these days we understand more about how COVID-19 is transmitted and how to protect ourselves. It is absolutely possible to have a small gathering of close family and friends and celebrate safely. Here’s how to plan a micro wedding during the pandemic.

Plan for an Outdoor Micro Wedding

This means that if you’re in a northern climate, you might want to act quickly! Early last summer, we were all tsk-tsking beachgoers and picnickers, but it turns out they were onto something—COVID-19 doesn’t spread very well outdoors. Pair being outdoors with social distancing and wearing masks and you lower the risks even further.

Welcome your guests by setting out a table with face masks (perhaps matching your wedding colors?), bottles of hand sanitizer, and, of course, one of our custom wedding guest books for your friends and family to share their best wishes. This sends the message that while everyone is there to celebrate, you expect that they’ll celebrate safely.

Think Carefully About the Guest List

This might not be the time to invite your 100-year-old great-grandma—or your uncle who refuses to wear a mask and respect social distancing. (We all have one of those uncles, right?) Even with risks minimized, that doesn’t mean there are no risks at all, and you’d feel terrible if someone came to your wedding and fell ill afterwards.

It’s also not the time to invite your dad’s co-worker’s daughter who you’ve never met, your best friend from preschool, or your third cousin twice-removed. The keyword here is micro. Guest lists for micro weddings usually range from five to a few dozen guests, but naturally the smaller you go, the safer the wedding.

Don’t Skip Those Special Touches

We know that a lot about your COVID-19 micro wedding won’t be exactly what you had envisioned, but your micro wedding can also be an opportunity to plan an amazing celebration that you wouldn’t be able to budget for if you invited hundreds of guests. Now you can afford the best florist in town, an over-the-top cake, an amazing meal, custom cocktails, and your dream venue.

A micro wedding is also the opportunity to ditch the traditions that don’t mean much to you. Think wedding DJs are cheesy? Create a playlist on your iPhone instead! Not a fan of dresses? Get married in your favorite pair of skinny jeans! The intimacy of a micro wedding makes it easier to plan a celebration that truly celebrates you and your partner.

Consider Streaming Your Micro Wedding

For those who can’t celebrate in person with you, consider streaming your wedding via the internet. You can plan a big in-person reception for a future date when COVID-19 is a thing of the past.

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